Participated Projects

Research Projects (Funded, 2019-)

  • 2019-2021, Power and energy optimization of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D-printer, Ministry of Science and ICT
  • 2021-2023,  Optimization for a high-performance electric racing car, Ministry of Science and ICT

Development Projects In Academy (2005-2018)

2017, Building an Electric Vehicle for Racing

2016, Instrument Panel for Electric Vehicle

2016,  Building Electric Vehicle from Commercial ICE Jeep

2016, Thermoelectric Generator Array Emulator

2015, Building an Electric Vehicle (for test purpose)

2014, Solid Oxide Fuelcell Array Reconfiguration System

2013, Luminosity Measurement Sensor Node Network

2013, Photovoltaic Cell Array Reconfiguration System

2012, Hybrid Energy Storage System

2006, Electrical Active Load

2006, ARMv7 Development Board (for SNU lecture purpose)

2005, Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling Test System

2005, SDRAM Controller IP (FPGA / VHDL)

Development Projects In Industry (2007-2019)

2019, SIndoh, 3DWox30X 3D Printer

2018, SIndoh, 3DWox7X 3D Printer

2017, Sindoh, 3DWox2X 3D Printer

2016, Sindoh, 3DWox 3D Printer

2014, Sindoh, LSU Test Jig

2010, Sindoh, M400 Multi-Function Printer

2009, Sindoh, A400 Printer

2008, Sindoh, Finisher